Hi, I am Michelle, the Founder and Creative Director of Scritto. I am a modern calligrapher based in London who also happens to have 10 years experience in Graphic Design and currently still pursuing both dreams.

I’ve never been great at being a writer, as in I didn’t get an A in English, but the earliest I can remember loving handwriting is at school. I’m mixed Filipina and Scottish and being Asian means we love those little colourful Sanrio books from Japan where you get all your school friends to write everything about themselves in a rainbow of pens. From then I threw out my collection of keyrings and moved onto a hobby of collecting pens, some of which I still have today. I would have pens from Muji, glitter pens, scented pens, and more pens with Hello Kitty on them to match my Sanrio books. Now people are just sending pens my way or if a pen goes missing they automatically assume it’s me.

I lost my love of pens for awhile when I would glue my eyes to a computer screen instead, designing brands for travel events and and using my pen to scribble notes instead. I was always admiring others typography and using them in my designs. Then one day I was inspired by the flourishes on this beautiful typography I had seen during research and I couldn’t find any font that could mimic it, so I decided to draw it myself. From that day I was hooked at taking my hands off the keyboard and placing them on pen and paper. Fast forward to now, I have self-taught myself the art of calligraphy and enjoying every minute of taking that break away from the screen.

Michelle Trotter