Running a small business solo can easily take over your personal life, especially if you are like me and still running your side hustle whilst working full time AND being a mother.

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Being your own boss is great but too often I hear stories of solopreneurs struggling to juggle work and personal life. Working until the early hours of the morning still going through admin and quotes and skipping out on family parties because they still need to catch up on work. I can confess, this was me at one point but since subscribing to Dubsado I have cut down my admin time tremendously.


There were 3 key points that I needed help keep my business running smoothly… invoicing, contracts and forms. Now, these are just a few of the uses that I use Dubsado to help me cut down my administration hours. There are plenty more uses of Dubsado, many of which I am yet to learn, but as I roll out my business further, this platform will help me keep on top of jobs. I did look at other similar platforms but either the price was a little too much for the early stages of my business or the User Interface (UI) didn’t work for me. Being a designer, I like everything to be clear and easy to navigate through, and if it can be, look pretty.