wedding industry

My first real experience of working in weddings was almost 9 years ago when I decided to pull a sickie at work (Sorry, not sorry to anyone reading this from my old weekend job). This was the best decision of my life!

A decision I will never regret

I was out drinking the night before with friends and the thought of going into work with a hangover, chasing after kids and jumping on bouncy castles had me hurling just at the mere thought. So when I woke up the next morning my friend quickly persuaded me to work with her for the day. Together with her husband, they owned a chair cover business and they convinced me that all I needed to do was tie on bows for one wedding and then the rest of the day was ours to enjoy. The morning heat already felt like it was reaching 25 degrees and who wants to be working during a heat wave? So it didn’t take me long to pick up the phone to work with my excuses.

love story
Our first ever official photo together…Happy Halloween

The key to my heart is laughter

First things first were to collect the chair covers from storage whilst meeting other staff members. I was still feeling a little bit wavy so I was left to watch the cars whilst everyone else loaded them with bags of white sheets and organza sashes. Whilst lingering outside with my shades shielding me from the sun, one of the guys would take a prolonged “5 minute” break with me, you know just to make sure I could handle the job of watching the cars and merchandise. I didn’t really notice that he was taking his time with me, I just thought he was lazy. He was very chatty and I was very shy as I always am when first meeting people. He was very easy to talk to though and those 5 minutes were not enough to get to know him well. I was a little disappointed that we had to get back to work and drive off to separate weddings. He was quite funny, clown funny, and I thought it would’ve been nice to work alongside someone who makes my Saturday job more humorous.

Later that day…

After an exhausting 2 hours of ribbon tying, not really, we made our way back to my friends flat. With no other plans for the day, we just sat around, caught up with girly chat and poked around on her facebook. Then lo and behold, Mr. Chubby Turk (that’s what he used to call himself, not my idea) pops up to casually say hello to my friend on messenger. Little did I know at the time that he was also talking to my friend’s husband and fully knew that I was still spending the day at theirs. So he manipulated the situation to make it seem like it was all our idea to invite him over. In one afternoon we had takeaway dinner, watched X Factor and I beat him at Wii Boxing. WINNING!!

Happy Familiy
When 2 became 3!

Happily Ever After?

From that day onwards we would talk for hours on the phone, yet he still tells the story that he thought I was foreign because I was shy on our first date. Erm sorry?! More like he wouldn’t let me get a word in! I completely understand why our 2-year-old daughter doesn’t stop talking. She has taken all of his genes. His looks, his character, his height, his hair and his ability to talk your ear off! But they are both my cutie pies and I wouldn’t change any of it! I have a beautiful daughter and a very supportive Fiancé. Keep following my blog and I’ll let you know how my own wedding plans are coming on 😉

So the Love Story continues…