Starting out in Lettering


First of all let me introduce myself as this is my first blog and it would be rude to assume you all know who I am. I am Michelle, the one and only behind Scritto… so far. My background is in Graphic Design and I currently work full time in an events agency dealing with conference and award events in the Travel industry. I love my job so instead of swapping my career for my love of calligraphy I have decided to juggle both, eeks! I’ve always had AT LEAST 2 jobs since I started working full time almost 10 years ago so why should I stop now? On top of that I have an almost 2 year old who has only started letting me work at home while she is awake. I just have to read a book to her every 30 minutes and sing The Bing Bong Song from Peppa Pig.


So you might be asking how I got into Calligraphy from Graphic Design, especially from quite a corporate design area. Well, whilst working on the branding for one of our yearly corporation dinners I was fed up with all the fonts online, I just couldn’t find the exact style without having to spend a fortune on fonts that I may or may not like in the end. So I decided to draw the logo/type myself with flourishes and all. The event then changed name so I had to draw it again and I realised I still have the knack at drawing. From there I decided I needed a little more creativity in my life and started buying brush pens to try out different techniques of lettering. This then developed into learning calligraphy.

I have yet to take a class and although I am self taught I have found my own style already but still open to learning more and taking a class with other creatives. There is always more to learn!

My resources for Calligraphy and hand lettering

If you are new to calligraphy or design I would suggest to take a class as it isn’t just about how you write but also the techniques of getting inks to flow and which nibs to use. But if you would like to know how I started, here are a few links where I learnt a lot from:

  • – If I ever need tips and tricks for choosing the right nibs and inks I always look here first. She has many posts that have tried and tested almost all of them and explains how problems occur like drying inks and how to find the solutions to these problems.
  • – Laura Hooper just has so much experience and success, I look to her work for inspiration.
  • – And although this amazing lady is more focused on lettering rather than just calligraphy, her work has really inspired me to go beyond paper and what made me want to get into wedding mirror table plans and signage.

    She is also VERY helpful and sweet. She may have a tonne of followers on Instagram and working all day and night but she always seems to find time to message me back with any questions I have to help me learn and develop myself. I’ve also recently bought her first book, Extraordinary Hand Lettering, which has so much relevant information on guiding you with lettering on a multitude of objects. But I’ll go into reviewing her book in another post in the future.

I didn’t stop there with resources for learning but these were definitely some of my favourites.